About Us

Who are we?

A.T is a luxury cosmetics brand developed in 2014 and now enjoying dramatic growth throughout Asia and more recently in Europe.  A.T has forged a strategic partnership with top laboratories in Europe to ensure that every new product launched is ultimately safe, highly effective and of premium quality.  The brand portfolio includes premium skin care products to care for and protect all skin types and high-performance cosmetics.

Founder - Teniya Tao 

The founder of A.T is successful Chinese business woman and entrepreneur Teniya Tao. She is a skin care and cosmetics expert who is also recognised for her philanthropic interests and media profile. In 2014 after living in London and more than a decade working successfully within the beauty sector she conceived and developed the brand. 


Teniya's vision for A.T  is for it to become a globally recognized brand which is proud of its “made in China” heritage.  The Chinese have been experts in rejuvenation for the mind and body for many thousands of years. At the heart of this innovative and expert brand is the motto 'Discover the Beauty Essence of China' and that reflects Teniya’s knowledge and passion for introducing the best of China’s expertise in skin care formulations with the highest quality ingredients to the rest of the world. 


The A.T mission is to empower women to realise their own potential. Self-belief, confidence, competence, and independence are achievable and realistic goals for all, under the dynamic leadership of Teniya and in partnership with her brand  A.T.  In China being in charge of one’s own destiny translates as “Be your own Queen” and that is a powerful proposition which is driving the brand forward quickly and attracting support from increasing numbers of  A.T consultants and enthusiastic customers.